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We’re making some changes to our beloved IPA and IPL… well, their cans at least. Both beers that started as one-off brews and both have earnt their spot within our core range. They’ll still be brewed using the same great recipe right here at Beerfarm, but will soon be hitting shelves in new 375ml cans.


Steady on, not always, you can have too much of a good thing but that’s not why they’re changing. We love a big can standing proud with a solid design but we’ve been considering this for a while now.


Smaller cans cool down quicker and stay cold longer (if you let them).
Ever got caught monitoring the BBQ, and forgotten about the 1/4 full can you put down 10 minutes ago. you go back to it, and it’s flat warm and harsh on the palate. Unfortunately, self-cooling beer cans don’t exist yet (c’mon science hurry up). This is the same reason we only serve Schooners (425ml) at our venue. When the scorching midday sun beats down on Metricup it can be a race against time to enjoy your beer before the laws of thermodynamics claim victory. No good thing should ever be rushed and we want your last sip of every Beerfarm brew to be as delicious as the first, safe in the knowledge that another frosty one is waiting for you in the esky.

Beerfarm Beer cans 2


The South West beer industry has experienced an obvious boom over recent years, our beloved IPL was initially brewed as a limited release product destined for a short dip into your hands in a big can to make an impact…That has now grown today to the beer many love and enjoy. As the popularity has grown for this beer it has lead us to review its packaging size, unfortunately, it isn’t currently possible to have 500ml cans printed in WA. This means that cans destined for the east coast have to travel nearly 4000km from east to west to be filled with beer then another 4000km back. As a company, we have decided all of our core range products will go into 375ml cans with an aim of reducing beer miles, something we are conscious of being a beer company with big ambitions. We’ll still be canning some of our limited release beers in 500ml using blank cans and adhesive labels to avoid unnecessary emissions.


We can all agree that Australia’s brewing industry is kick-ass. New breweries are opening all the time and which is driving quality and innovation like never before. We want as many people as possible to have the chance to try our beers and taste the love and passion we put into them. Picture this, you’re stood looking at the beer fridge of your local bottle shop, you’ve got a 4-pack of your go-to favourite but you’re feeling adventurous and are looking for something new. “oh, Beerfarm, I’ve heard good things about these guys” but $9 for a single is a fair amount of money to drop on nothing but a recommendation from that guy on facebook. Being able to pick up a 4-pack for under $20 is much more inviting, and giving a couple to that mate who forgot to bring beers for the camping trip…..again, doesn’t seem so bad. That’s what Beerfarm is all about, Sharing good times with good company and enjoying delicious beer in the process.

You can also fit more in your fridge!

In short (pun intended) it’s the same great beers, with a smaller jacket on for a slimline fit in your hand, car and fridge…..

As the great saying goes it’s not the size of the boat


Beerfarm Beer cans 3

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