Strawberry Sour

Established for the farmer – Strawberry lime and mint edition

When farmers are in need and fruit is going to waste… Who you gonna call? Our classic Berliner Weiss is the perfect base to show off the extraordinary quality of Mal’s Black Label strawberries that would, in these unfortunate times, have otherwise gone to waste. Not only that, but a mighty 1.4 tonnes of them were added to the tank of this classic sour ale to give it that fresh fruit hit, quietly accompanied by a much more restrained addition of lime and mint.
The resulting beer is an almost creamy, softly acidic and smoothie-like beer that is testament to the war on waste and supporting local farmers to save their harvest.

Malt – Pale Malt, Cara-pils, Wheat Malt, Rolled Oats
Hops – Magnum, Sorachi Ace
Fruit – Strawberries, Lime, Mint

Hop bitterness – Low (8 IBU)
Hop aroma – Low (1g/L)
Colour – Strawberries
Drinkability – High