Fervor X Beerfarm Collaboration Dinner

Fri 24 Aug

On Friday August the 24th it is with great pleasure, and much excitement that we welcome West Australia’s own, and now internationally acclaimed culinary masters, FERVOR to our venue for an unforgettable experience. FERVOR are committed to working alongside the traditional custodians of the land and are committed utilizing the finest native ingredients Australia has to offer. In support of this movement we have been working closely with Yoda and his team to curate a range of beers highlighting certain native ingredients.

With this ongoing collaboration with FERVOR, we have been working closely for over a year now to produce The Native Series. The ideology behind this one, similar to this dinner, is to educate the consumer on the range of native ingredients we have on our doorstep and the people behind growing them, it was also to expose the beauty and diversity that naturally surrounds us. and provides us with a rare infusion that creates an exceptional unique flavour. This series pays homage to the traditional custodians and owners of this land, who have a long-lasting and innate relationship to these flavours, and the seasons that allow them to flourish.

What has resulted over time is a strong bond between to like like-minded chefs, one of the food variety and one of the liquid kind, with similar values that both have a passion for wrapping up unique and distinct flavours with genuine real experiences.

Join us in this celebration as FERVOR design a menu that correlates with each of the ingredients used in our Native Series Range. We have been holding onto a small supply of each of the brews and will set the stage to meet Head Chef Yoda and The Beer Farmer himself who both share a passion for this region, this country and experience its beauty though taste.

This is a ticketed event like no other and tickets are limited so come and join us for a truly unique display of food and beers matching at its finest.

Come one, come all


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