Hip Hop Hop Battle Volume 2

Sun 27 May

Back by popular demand!

The Hip Hop Hop Battle / Volume 2

One year ago we tried something completely new – a South West Seasonal Craft Beer Battle, involving no less then 16 local breweries. The idea was simple: to bring great people, great beer and great music together! And we did!

Consider this not just an invitation but a rallying calling you to descend upon the waters of Geographe Bay to turn this gathering of beer gods into a time honoured annual pilgrimage!

The gloves are off this year, with no restriction to style of beer. We have, however, laid one simple constraint upon our competitors: that what they bring is to be something //NEW// making this our BIGGEST SINGLE RELEASE OF NEW BEERS.

Thus far we have! : Artisan + Beerfarm + Bootleg + Boston + Brewhouse + Black Brewing + Blue Mile + Colonial + Cheeky Monkey + Eagle Bay + Gage Roads + Otherside + Rocky Ridge + Wilson Brewing

With the conclusion of GABS (Great Australian Beer Spectacular) one week prior, expect to see a lot of GABS entries landing for the first time in WA & a heap from under the radar local project beers too!

Also featuring will be a BEER & BANTER Q&A PANEL hosted my all your favourite local beer celebrities! They will be fuelled by a new feature, the SOUR SIDE BAR, an off competition side bar pouring 4 rare sours.

Lastly & perhaps the MOST IMPORTANTLY: we have a THREE HEADED BEAST OF BEATS to put the HIP HOP in your HOP PARTY!

R.0.U.X : The local master mixer & flavour philosopher straight out of the kitchen and into your ears!

KACHINA : The man & the myth from the vines to the club, a mythic legend of both wine and rhythm!

ASLAN : The god of waves and presenter on‘s show Cloud Waves, King of the court & the 3D jungle.


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