Winter Solstice Feast

Fri 22 June

A dark mid-winter solstice descends on us all in mid June and we want to mark this astrological phenomenon on the farm with an unconquered sun event on Friday, the 22nd of June. Just past 6pm on Thursday, the night before, we have the shortest day and longest night of the year, so the way we see it…everything is on the rise from Friday!

As the days slowly start to get longer and the sun continues to triumph against the night, we want to mark the occasion with a massive farm to plate Feast and burning hot event that will bring us all into the light. Seasonal culinary delights and farmhouse ales will be presented alongside art installations, pagan rituals and a special music performance from the phenomenal, and depicted here as second coming ABBE MAY.

This is a ticketed event that will give you a no holds bar approach to the feast and right to indulge in all the sounds and sights. On Friday the 22nd of June, Metricup might be as far from the sun as possible, but lets celebrate the season: howl at the night, help the earth tilt right and enjoy all of our farms delights.


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