Native Series


The Native Series is an ongoing collaboration that is not only rewarding, but educational, and has produced some seriously groundbreaking beers that really push the boundaries.

We want to take you on a journey through our great country and it’s flavours.

In the early days of Beerfarm, the Beerfarmer himself, Josh Thomas, was lucky enough to meet the man behind the team at Fervor, Paul Iskov (aka Yoda) and find a shared set of values that align more than most.

Both born in WA and bred with a passion for locally sourced produce, the duo have the unique opportunity to experience with the beauty of this land through taste.

From concept to realisation, Beerfarm has worked closely with Yoda and his team to curate a limited edition collection of beers, The Native Series.

Beerfarm and Fervor would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians of this land, of elders past and present, that have been the caretakers of these ingredients for thousands of years.



#6 Strawberry Gum Stout


Get to know our Native Series Strawberry Gum Stout; a rich, full-bodied milk stout brewed with strawberry gum leaf. 

The addition of strawberry gum is generally used to enhance the flavours in producing a vast range of desserts, jams and cooked fruit dishes traditionally. This time we used it for beer!

We added the gum leaf with 10 minutes left of the boil to extract as much of the natural berry characters from the eucalypt. This brings an almost sweet medicinal taste to this beer. 

With strongly aligned values for the land and harnessing the unique ingredients it has to offer, we’ve continued to nurture our relationship with Fervor and our passion for flavours that defeat the norm. Instead of simply just tasting the brew, we wanted to offer you some insight on how it all came together; and just how special strawberry gum leaf is, from its fruity flavours to antioxidant activity. 

Peel back the label on the can to reveal the narrative behind our latest collaboration with Fervor, and why we continue to embark on this native journey together.


Beerfarm Double Label


We have taken on an old classic with the addition of a native Australian twist. Enjoy!

Full Tasting Notes

Get your mitts on some Strawberry Gum Stout!

Be quick as it’s a limited edition.

More About Our Partner, Fervor

Paul (Yoda) Isakov is Chef and Owner of Favour – he boasts an outstanding resume, including experience in highly acclaimed kitchens around the world; Vue De Monde, Amuse, D.O.M, COI, Pujol and Noma.

He has a great love and respect for the land and endeavours to portray this through his food, locations, dedication and passion.

Paul established Fervor with the aim of providing a “culinary experience you can’t get anywhere else,” Fervor harness locally sourced native produce and share it with diners at unique locations across WA, including salt lakes, beautiful bush land and pristine beaches.

It’s an experience you’ll never forget.