With the emphasis on local produce, from the Black Angus beef raised and fed on our own pastures, honey gathered by our local bees, cheese matured from our lucky lazy jerseys, and veggies bursting from the toiled surrounding farmlands, the food created and served at Beerfarm is a mix of beer welcoming solo experiences such as the classic Beerfarm Burger, light zingy salads created to fulfil every salad enthusiasts dreams, tapas style small shares, and charred larger shared offerings of meaty morsels lovingly seared, slow cooked and served from our very own hand crafted wood fired oven.



Beerfarm Chef

Ben Beaton, was raised in all four corners of this great southern land, from the central Victorian town of Bendigo with its scorched farmland plains of gold encrusted rock, the steamy lusciousness of northern Queensland’s Townsville, the red dirt and turquoise waters of Karratha and finally the abundant gem of the south-west, Margaret River. His food is multicultural and punchy but at the same time comforting and familiar. At Beerfarm, he brings all these elements together to create a grazing experience that leaves each one of his valued eaters salivating for the next bite.


Against The Grain

  At Beerfarm we have a simple philosophy, Established for the Future. We focus actively on sustainability and minimising our impact on the land by using fresh, local produce – sometimes as local as the paddocks, you sit amongst. Raising livestock such as our Angus cattle fed on grass and grain from the brewing process to our pigs that focus on reducing food waste. This is only the start and we are committed to continue to build on these aspects. Our animals are treated like royalty.

Happy Animals = Happy Meat.

Beerfarm have recently launched the sub-brand Against The Grain aiming to deliver quality meats and seasonings produced right here at The Beerfarm. Please ask our staff next time you are at the Farm!


Food Partners

Here at Beerfarm we source all of our ingredients from our local mates. Community and good times are the cornerstone of all our happenings and we’d like to thank the following crew for joining us on this journey and becoming a part of this great experience.

Beerfarm Food Partners